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unitpic Heavy Plasma Tower
side: ARM

unitpic Miranda
side: CORE

unitpic Lion
side: ARM

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unitpic Exterminator
side: CORE
[Feb 13th]
unitpic King Commander
side: ARM
[Feb 10th]
unitpic King Commander
side: ARM
[Feb 9th]
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Total Annihilation


Forum and the 3do Viewer!
02/09/2006 6:51 AM - Wolfy
Yep that's right, the big news, UnitUniverse now has it's own forum on TAUniverse! You can access it by clicking the link on the left hand side or by clicking here. It's main use is for reporting bugs in the website, I suppose. Or maybe if you're looking for a unit and it's not on the site, maybe someone knows where it is and we can get it added. I guess.

In other minor site news, you can now view 3do objects directly in the browser without downloading the unit, installing 3do builder, extracting any custom textures, ... etc. It's simple, easy and fun! Anywho, just browse to your favorite unit and click the 3do icon in the characteristics section. However, there is one catch, you must download and install Java3D. For more information on the 3do Viewer usage and installation, visit the FAQ thread in the new UnitUniverse forum.

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