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Total Annihilation


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Apocalypse [ CORE ]
Mobile Nuclear Missile Launcher
TA Generation KBOT
 download [2404]
 tr-TAG-Capoc.zip, 62.6 KB
Enterprise 1701-TAG [ ARM ]
Constitution Class Starship
TA Generation VTOL
 download [1748]
 tr-TAG-enter.zip, 25.8 KB
Gaat Mark II [ CORE ]
Very Heavy Laser Tower
TA Generation FORT
 download [2121]
 tr-TAG-Cvhlt.zip, 26.4 KB
Mobile Nuker [ ARM ]
Nuke the Bastard!
TA Generation KBOT
 download [1317]
 tr-TAG-Amnuke.zip, 44.3 KB
SR71-A Stealth Spy Plane [ ARM ]
SR71-A Stealth Spy Plane
TA Generation VTOL
 download [1795]
 tr-TAG-Astealth.zip, 96.5 KB
TAG AST Assault Tank [ ARM ]
Long Range Assualt Tank
TA Generation TANK
 download [1097]
 tr-TAG-Aast.zip, 44.0 KB
Terminator [ ARM ]
Experimental Assault Kbot
TA Generation KBOT
 download [1855]
 tr-TAG-term.zip, 52.7 KB
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