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Total Annihilation


[ laser ] Encryp laser line-of-sight
Metal: 0 Energy: 7 Reload: 0.5 [850] velocity
Turrets Beam
Range Range
[10] area of effect [2257] range
[118] total annihilation id

[0] magnitude [0] duration
[0] amount [0] rate
[ 1 ]

unitpic ARMCOM
0 dmg
unitpic BIOP
no match
unitpic BLAB
0 dmg
unitpic CORCOM
131 dmg
unitpic PLAT
0 dmg
unitpic armshgen
0 dmg
unitpic armvshgen
0 dmg
unitpic gun
0 dmg
unitpic plat
0 dmg
unitpic prot
no match
 weapon users 
[ 1 ]
unitpic ebigb

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